SuCoS for Hugo Users

If you already use Hugo, welcome. You're just a step away from exploring the exciting universe of SuCoS. As a rule of thumb, consider them interchangeable.

Let's discuss the main differences:

Site Configuration

In Hugo, the site configuration is managed through a config or hugo file in the root directory. It supports formats like YAML, TOML, and JSON.

SuCoS simplifies site configuration with a sucos.yaml file in the root directory. It uses the popular and user-friendly YAML format for configuration.

Front Matter

Hugo provides flexibility in front matter formats, including TOML, YAML, and JSON.

SuCoS exclusively uses YAML for front matter. YAML is known for its simplicity and readability. All front matter variables are case sensitive and PascalCase.


Hugo employs a Golang-like template system, which can be complex. It hides the page object and requires direct variable access, such as {{ .title }}.

SuCoS embraces Liquid as its templating language, offering clarity and direct access to the page object. Variables are accessed using {{ page.Title }}. Case sensitivity is maintained with PascalCase.

In Hugo, the front matter URL allows the usage of certain limited number of tokens. However, the aliases do not.

In SuCoS, both URL and Aliases can utilize the same page variables as its template, allowing powerful possibilities.

Image Processing

Hugo excels in image processing capabilities, allowing resizing and conversion to popular formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, and WebP.

SuCoS is still in the process of developing image processing capabilities. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting feature.

Localization Capabilities

Hugo supports localization, enabling the creation of multilingual websites.

Currently, SuCoS does not offer built-in localization capabilities. However, SuCoS is continuously evolving, and future updates may include this feature.

For a detailed comparison of technical differences, refer to the comprehensive table available in our feature comparison.

As you embark on your SuCoS journey, the transition from Hugo becomes a seamless and exciting exploration of new possibilities. While some features are still being developed, SuCoS offers a promising alternative with streamlined site configuration, user-friendly front matter, and the power of Liquid templating. Stay tuned for future updates, as SuCoS continues to evolve and unlock even more potential for content creators like you.