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The world’s fastest framework for building websites.

SuCoS is a brand new open-source static site generators crafted in C#. With its amazing speed and flexibility, SuCoS makes building websites fun again.

Performance Unmatched

Our top priority is giving you the power to create, build, and deploy rapidly. SuCoS provides lightning-fast performance, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your content.

Ease of use doesn't mean you have to compromise on flexibility. SuCoS leverages the power of Liquid templates, providing an intuitive, easy-to-use templating system that won't limit your creativity.

Simplicity Meets Flexibility

Live Server

Say goodbye to manual reloads. SuCoS offers a live server feature that lets you see your changes as they happen. Just save your file, and watch your site transform in real time.

We believe in moving forward. We offer weekly releases to ensure you're always working with the most cutting-edge tools. Our dedication to fast, frequent updates means you'll never be left behind.

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Weekly Releases

Getting Started

Your journey to faster, simpler web development begins here.

Check out our Get Started Guide 2 for a comprehensive walkthrough on setting up your first SuCoS project.

SuCoS is more than just a tool - it's a growing community of developers like you. We're dedicated to supporting each other and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in web development.

Join our Matrix and Discord community channels, check out our GiLab repository, or follow us on Twitter and Mastodon for the latest news and updates.

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