Unveiling the Freshly-Squeezed SuCoS Logo


Get ready to peel back the layers of our exciting new logo for SuCoS! We've paired succulent typography with vibrant new hues to quench your thirst for visual appeal. This whole reimagining project wasn't just about stamping our name on a logo. Oh no! We took this fruitful opportunity to juice up some splendid improvements.

By a twist of citrusy fate, we're using a zesty fruit-inspired font: Lemon Milk, a refreshing creation by the incredibly talented MARSNEV. This font was just the ripe pick for us, with its perfectly round 'O' that snugly nestles our badge, like a berry in a basket! The only tiny sour note? It doesn't offer lowercase, but hey, it's all about embracing the charm of uppercase, isn't it?

Gone are the days of the faded outer ring color. We've injected a fresh squeeze of the vivid yellow from the inside, creating a sunlit aura as if a burst of tropical juice is splashing out!

Our SuCoS project now sports a full logo and badge, holding within it the essence of a refreshing cup of assorted fruit juices.

Curious about the secret juice blend our logo symbolizes? Brace yourself for a delightful cocktail of flavors we've just stirred up:

  • Succulent kiwis
  • Unforgettable berries
  • Crisp grapes
  • Opulent oranges
  • Spectacular tangerines

Isn't this a feast for your senses?

SuCoS logo

Experience the taste of SuCoS in this fresh new logo that promises to make your visual journey with us a joyful ride!