First Release


Greetings, fellow web enthusiasts and explorers of the digital frontier! Today, we have the great pleasure of unveiling an extraordinary tool that will leave you spellbound and filled with wonder. Allow us to introduce SuCoS!

SuCoS, crafted entirely in C# like its spirited sibling Docfx, is lovingly crafted entirely in C#. It aspires to be a feature-rich wonderland, drawing inspiration from the ever-popular Hugo. This charming tool is poised to help developers and users alike embark on a whimsical journey of content creation and website building.

Now, dear readers, let's address the number we've bestowed upon this pre-release version. SuCoS v1.0.0 is but a humble number, not to be confused with production readiness. We pledge to embrace semantic versioning, with new releases shimmering into existence every week. Our commitment to progress and improvement knows no bounds!

Now, let's take a moment to soak in the majesty of SuCoS, as we delve into some of its captivating features:

  • Astonishing Performance: With SuCoS, even when handling a whopping 100k pages, it takes less than a millisecond per page. Blink, and you'll miss it! Who knew that website load times could be this electrifying?
  • Dynamic Live Server: Say goodbye to manual refreshing! With the "SuCoS serve" feature, you gain a real-time server for easy prototyping and content writing. Making edits has never felt this invigorating!
  • Theming: Want your website to dazzle with personality? SuCoS uses the super easy-to-use Liquid template system, allowing you to paint your sites with your personal style.
  • Never-ending Updates: We believe in sharing our progress with you! There's no holding back on features and fixes - we bring them to you on a weekly basis.

Though SuCoS may still be polishing its armor for the grand showdown of production readiness, it is already a welcoming haven for adventurous souls ready to embark on this pre-release exploration. Developers and users, join forces! Let's voyage through the depths of this evolving tool together, unveiling its hidden gems and endless potential.

We warmly invite you to accompany us on this magical journey, where sparks of imagination ignite and static websites burst into life. As we continue to perfect SuCoS, turning it into a commanding knight of the web, we're eager to hear your feedback, suggestions, and tales of victory.

So, dear readers, buckle up and prepare for a magical ride with SuCoS that's on the brink of greatness. Together, we'll illuminate the web and create digital wonders that will leave a lasting impression.

Squeeze Your Ideas, Sweeten the Web!