v2.1.0 Release: Drafting a Site!


New version live. Simple but it's moving forward! That what matters.

Here are some of the highlights:

Page Drafts

Pages now have a Draft variable that can be used to signal content that is still under development. This can be useful for keeping track of work in progress, or for sharing drafts with others for feedback.

To create a draft page, simply add the Draft variable to the front matter of the page. For example:

Title: My Draft Page
Draft: true

Still writing...

You can then use the --draft or -d command line argument to serve the draft page.

Site is now a top variable

The site variable is now exposed as a top-level variable, so you can access it directly in your templates. This makes it easier to access site-wide variables, such as the title or description.

For example, you could use the site.Title variable to display the site title in your header.

  <h1>{{ site.Title }}</h1>

We hope you enjoy the new features in v2.1.0!